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Putnamnet.com is a website designed specifically for the community of Putnam County.  Putnamnet.com receives on average 10,000 visitors per month.

It includes links to County businesses, phonebooks, e-mail addresses, maps/directions, Governmental Non-Profit Organizations, weather, County schools, and personal pages.   It is the only website serving all of Putnam County.  Join the fastest growing media in history.  Make your business part of the internet revolution.  Advertise on Putnamnet.com today!

Basic Packages include:

  1. Advertising in the local media. Putnamnet.com, PutnamCars.com, and Putnamhouses.com advertise around the county on Billboards provided by Key Ads.

  2. Putnamnet.com is linked to over 250 different Internet Search Engines.  Anyone surfing the Web will be able to find Putnamnet.com by searching for Putnam County Ohio or any of its towns.

  3. Your business will be included in the Putnamnet.com business directory of Putnam County.

For current advertising rates and placement information, please fill out our Ad Rates Request form.

Attention:  Non-profit organizations can include their Websites in Putnamnet's Non-profit Organizations page for free.   Simply goto the Non-profit page and fill out the form provided.